Certified Angus Beef Prime Grade (CAB Prime)

Our Certified Angus Prime Beef comes from the mid-west. It is the truly elite, where less than 1.5% of beef in the US qualifies for the Certified Angus Beef Prime Program.

  1. CAB Prime NY Strip Steak

  2. CAB Prime Boneless Ribeye Steak/Roast

  3. CAB Prime Bone In Ribeye Steak/Roast

  4. CAB Prime Sirloin Steak/Picanha/Coulotte Steak/Roast (Sirloin Cap) - (Special Order)

  5. CAB Prime Tenderloin Steak/Roast (Filet Mignon)

  6. CAB Prime Top Round Roast/Steak/Braciole (Thin Sliced) - (Special Order)

  7. Fresh Prime Ground Beef (Ground In-House to Order)

  8. CAB Prime Porterhouse Steak (Available upon special request or availability)