We offer a selection of game meats, & game birds, some sold in- house while others will be available for pre order. Our Game comes in FRESH never frozen.

Please give sufficient notice on all special orders (all special orders are subject to availability)

  • Venison Tenderloin, Venison Medallions, & Venison Rib Chops (In-House)

    Our venison is distinguished from all other venison by the trademarked assurance that the meat has been naturally-raised and processed according to the strict quality standards of the Cervena brand.

    Cervena is the appellation for fresh, farm-raised New Zealand venison. The term Cervena is used to differentiate their venison from other products around the world, similar to differentiating true Champagne from sparkling wine.

    Cervena guarantees that the deer are naturally-raised on vast ranches in New Zealand where they are able to roam and graze in stress-free conditions. Cervena venison is processed in plants that are specifically licensed and regularly audited by an independent agency.

    The deer feed on tall grasses, which may be supplemented during the colder months with natural feed like hay and silage. No growth hormones or steroids are ever administered, and the deer grow to no more than 36 months of age, ensuring consistent size and quality.

    The ranches raise both Red and Fallow breeds of deer. Besides a very subtle flavor and color difference, the unique characteristics between these animals are their carcass sizes.

    Red deer is a medium sized animal, while Fallow deer is smaller. Fallow is a lean meat with a fine texture and mild flavor. Naturally low in calories and fat, yet packed with nutrients like iron, zinc and B vitamins, Cervena venison is a high-quality protein and one of the healthiest red meats available today. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, venison has about 20% less fat and about 100 fewer calories

    per 3.5 ounce serving than beef. It's the ideal meat to include as part of a healthy and balanced diet. 

  • Venison loin Boneless, Venison Rib Rack/Frenched (Special Order)

  • Bison/Buffalo Ribeye Steak Boneless, Bison/Buffalo Top Sirloin Steak, Bison/Buffalo Burger Patties, Bison/Buffalo Ground Meat (In-House)

Our buffalo are raised on vast pastures at a cooperative of ranches in Canada and the U.S. These indigenous animals, technically bison (though we use the more common name buffalo), are raised with minimal human interaction, and are left alone to graze as they have done for many centuries.The Plains Breed Buffalo are raised to meet our exacting specifications on a 100% vegetarian diet, in a clean, natural and humane environment, without the use of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or steroids. This is the original free-range, good-for-you red meat. A state-of-the art integrated handling system of corrals, funneled walkways and chutes are designed to provide the ultimate in safe and humane movement of buffalo on and off the ranches.

• No hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, or steroids
• The buffalo are allowed to forage naturally and are supplemented with grain and hay • Buffalo are brought to market at the age of 22-26 months
• Available all year round, the cuts are consistently sized, textured, and packaged
• Buffalo meat is high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and very full
flavored in taste that is close to beef but more complex in nature

  • Bison/Buffalo Hanger Steak (Special Order)

  • Rabbit Whole (In-House)

    Our rabbits are a mix of Californian White and New Zealand White breeds, and are humanely raised by a cooperative of small family farms. The rabbits are fed a diet of sweet alfalfa, oats, wheat and barley with no antibiotics or hormones ever used. With the fewest calories per pound of any meat, little to no fat and low cholesterol, rabbit is considered one of the healthiest meats available. Rabbit meat is finely-grained, delicately textured, pink/white and slightly sweet. The saddles and loins are perfect for fast grilling or sautéing. The hind legs and forequarters are ideal for braising or roasting slowly at low temperatures. Though grow-out methods produce a very consistent product, these animals are especially prone to weather related trauma. Availability and price may fluctuate during extreme winter or summer weather conditions.

    • Californian White and New Zealand White rabbits are breeds known for producing tender meat • Humanely raised
    • Antibiotic and hormone free
    • No preservatives or additives

    • Fryer is a young rabbit, raised to 2.5 – 3 lbs in 8-12 weeks and offers fine-grained meat, ideal for frying • Roasters are older rabbits, raised to 3.5 – 4.5 lbs in 15-20 weeks
    • Low in calories and cholesterol
    • High in protein and nutrition (USDA states it is the most nutritious meat) 

  • Rabbit Legs, Rabbit Loin Boneless, Rabbit Saddle Bone-In (Special Order)

  • Wild Boar Mini Roast (1.75 to 2 lb. average (In-House)

    It doesn't get more free range than this: truly wild boar, humanely cage trapped in Texas then brought to USDA-inspected processing plants, which allows us to legally sell hunted game. D’Artagnan works with a group of experienced trappers to provide the best wild boar on the hoof. The free-range lifestyle of these wild boar results in a lean, red meat that tastes like intense pork.The wild boar forage for greens, native roots, acorns, and pretty much any agricultural crop they can access. As a result, farmers and ranchers in Texas are fully supportive of the law that encourages hunters and trappers to cut down on their population.

    • 100% wild foraged feed
    • No hormones or antibiotics
    • Humanely cage trapped, processed at USDA inspected facility • Because they are wild, color and sizing tends to vary 

  • Wild Boar Shoulder, Wild Boar Tenderloin, Wild Boar Rib Rack/Frenched, Wild Boar Striploin Boneless (Special Order)

  • Rohan Whole Duck

    The D’Artagnan RohanTM duckling is a proprietary hybrid of several heritage breeds and is raised exclusively for D’Artagnan on a farm in New York State. It is named after a family of dukes and princes who lived in Brittany, France, and made the name, and a native duck, famous. The Rohan duck has juicy, lean, tender, rose-colored meat with a mild taste that lends itself to practically every duck recipe.

    • Exclusively raised for D’Artagnan on a farm in New York State • No antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants
    • Raised cage free
    • Corn and soy diet

    • Air chilled for deep flavor, less water content, less chance of cross contamination 

  • Magret Duck Breast, Duck Leg Confit, Smoked Duck Breast Uncured Duck Bacon (In-House)

    The large Moulard duck is a cross between the Pekin and Muscovy breeds, and is the backbone of gastronomy in Southwest France. It is the duck of choice for producing foie gras, that luxurious fattened liver, as well as magret, duck leg confit.

    Raised at a New York State farm in large barns with plenty of space, dry shavings on the floor and natural light. The ducks are never administered antibiotics or hormones. They are fed a vegetarian diet of corn and soy, and have access to clean water.

    • Cage free
    • No antibiotics or hormones
    • Raised to 12 weeks of age
    • Moulard breast, known as magret, is aged seven days on the bone • Large Moulard legs are ideal for confit 

  • Fresh Moulard Duck Legs, Whole Muscovy Duck (Special Order)

  • Quail Semi-Boneless 4 Quail/package (In-House)

  • Quail Eggs, Whole Quail (Special Order)

  • Whole Pheasant (Special Order)

  • Poussin Whole Free-Range, Semi Boneless Poussin Free Range (Special Order)

  • Capon (Special Order)

  • Goose (Special Order)

  • Squab Whole, Squab Semi-Boneless (Special Order)

  • Guinea Hen (Special Order)

  • Organic Free Range Turkey, Organic Free Range Bone-In Turkey Breast (Special Order)

  • Heritage Free Range Turkey 8-12 lb. average (Special Order/Limited Availability)